PAYOT is a cosmetic brand with an international reputation, born in 1920 of the extraordinary vision of one woman: Nadia Payot. Ahead of her time, she became one of the first female doctors. Involved in the women’s rights movement, Nadia Payot early on demonstrated her commitment to using her medical, scientific and herbal expertise in the skincare products she developed.
It was a life-changing encounter that changed her vision of beauty and determined the basic principles behind her brand.
When she met prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, Nadia PAYOT understood the importance of techniques to preserve the skin’s beauty and youth. She developed and then introduced her clients to facial exercises, which were the source of the 42-Movement Massage, still performed today. <Read more...>

The philosophy of Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic is based on a deep understanding as to how your skin works and what it needs to function optimally. Understand that you cannot achieve good skin by force. We aim to create the right conditions that will allow your skin to find its natural balance.
The extensive range of Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic gives you, the professional aesthetician, the tools needed to address almost every skin concern or condition. You will notice the difference of these creams almost immediately after application to your skin. <Read more...>

Skeyndor, which means “golden skin” in Spanish, was founded in 1966 in Terrassa town near Barcelona, Spain. Today, Skeyndor is the No. 1 skincare brand in Spain and is today rated as one of the top fifteen cosmetic brands in the world. The brand is present in over 45 countries through a network of 40 international distributors. Skeyndor offers over 200 products to a variety of skin care needs and these revolutionary products are widely used in spas, professional beauty salons and homes from Canada to New Zealand. In our 46 year history, the search for excellence has always been our philosophy maximum.

A search that, thanks to the expertise of our team of specialists, the ongoing study of new assets, technological advances, and a constant collaboration with beauticians, sharing their concerns and suggestions, has culminated in the development of a unique concept: Scientific Skincare. <Read more...>

For most modern women make up is an essential for daily life. However some traditional products can lead to skin problems such as acne, allergies, dryness and clogged pores.
Mineral makeup on the other hand, is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder which naturally nourishes the skin. It contains ingredients such as titanium, zinc, magnesium and aluminum that naturally relax, refresh and rejuvenate the skin.
ELES™ Mineral Makeup is a sophisticated mineral makeup line specially formulated to enhance the results obtained from professional skincare. <Read more...>